Current work: The City Will Crumble

Nyctolopic was founded in London in 2011. It cannot survive or produce its artistic work without financial support from art lovers like yourself. Nyctolopic is a charitable company and all its income is spent on creating new art. If you would like to support our work, come to our productions, or donate through paypal by clicking a button below. Currently all donations support the development and production of our new full-length piece The City Will Crumble.

(We prefer that you use the left button if you pay taxes in the UK. It gives us an extra 25 pence on top of each pound you donate, which is the basic rate tax you paid on that income. It costs you nothing - your tax just goes to us instead of the government. If you are a higher rate tax payer, you can reclaim the additional tax yourself. But you must actually have paid tax on the income you donate to help us in this way.)

Click below to donate if you pay UK income or capital gains tax and would like Nyctolopic to be able to claim Gift Aid from the government on top of your donation:
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The fine print: Nyctolopic is registered charity in the UK (HMRC Charities reference number: XT31471; registration with the Charity Commission is pending)

We also work with other charities and organisation to offer free tickets to certain groups. We want to make sure that people who are vulnerable or have little money are given opportunities to see our shows. If you would like to contribute to this effort for this season's production of The City Will Crumble, you may use the button on the right to PAY NOW for a number of free tickets of your choice. We cannot promise that the number of tickets we give away exactly matches the number you have paid for (it depends on the pick-up by the organisations we work with). But such free tickets will be the priority use of any funding we receive through the button on the right.